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  • Michael Rice

Five Tips For A Healthier Smile

The impact a beautiful, healthy smile has on your overall appearance and self-confidence cannot be overstated. After all, according to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, you only have seven seconds to make a great first impression, and an impressive smile can be the difference between this impression being good or bad. A fact also backed up by the American Academy of Periodontology, which claims 50% of people list a person’s smile as the first feature they notice. Of course, if you aren’t naturally blessed with a healthy smile, you can opt for dentures or implants or consider other tips on how to create the perfect smile. We at Santa Rosa Dental have put together just a few of these tips for you in the form of five ways to create a healthier smile:

1.) Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Some people mistakenly assume the absence of pain means their teeth are healthy and their smile is protected. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Many times, there are underlying issues that can cause potentially severe problems down the road if not addressed. Consequently, we recommend you visit your dentist at least once every six months. During this six-month examination, expect your dentist to perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and tongue. This examination will discover any and all potential problems and address these issues. Another important aspect of any regular visit will include a professional cleaning by a hygienist. This will successfully remove the plaque that naturally builds up on everyone’s teeth and polish your pearly whites to a shine. Regular dental visits are a great way to stay on top of any potential dental issues and address them before they develop into something more severe. A visit to your dental professional will also educate you on any available treatment options, like dental sealants that you could acquire that would reduce your risk of bacteria development and subsequent cavities. For example, sealants are just one treatment option that can prevent tooth decay or up to ten years.

2.) Create a Healthy Habit of Oral Maintenance

Another important step towards creating and maintaining a healthy smile is to brush and floss on a regular basis. The American Dental Association recommends you brush at least twice daily (preferably after meals) with a soft-bristled brush. They also recommend you develop the regular habit of flossing as well to remove hard-to-reach food particles and plaque. Although having a regular cleaning at your dentist office is important, it does not take the place of regular brushing at home. They work together to create your healthy smile. Neither step should be neglected.

3.) Mind The Food You Eat

Admittedly, most all of us like to enjoy a sweet treat now and then, some more often than others. However, you might underestimate the consumption of sugary treats on a regular basis can have on your oral health. In general, you want to eat vegetables, fruits, cheese and other healthy food options. Sugary treats in excess will increase your chance of developing cavities and negatively affect the overall look of your teeth. Also cut down on foods that stain your teeth, such as soda, coffee and/or red wine. Just partake of these occasionally to ensure you don’t damage or stain your enamel. While most of us love to drive coffee or tea regularly, this habit can eventually transform pearly whites into dingy yellows.

4.) Don’t Forget About Mouthwash

While most people already know the benefit of brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings can have on their teeth, many are quick to overlook mouthwash. However, mouthwash can greatly reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria, if left unchecked, can in turn lead to the development of gum disease. This harmful condition can cause all kinds of problem, including the loss of gum vitality and even result in tooth loss in some cases. We recommend you rinse with a mouthwash for at least 30-60 seconds each day for the best results.

5.) Kick The Smoking Habit

Smoking might have been the “cool thing” to do when you were a teen rebel. However, now, it is anything but cool. In fact, it’s downright harmful on many levels, including what it can do to your smile. For example, the tar and nicotine within cigarettes can cause your teeth to yellow and eventually lead to the erosion of your gums. It is easy to understand how these two elements, along with the presence of bad breath, could reduce the overall beauty of your smile. In addition, according the WebMD, smoking can degrade the bones and tissues that support your teeth. This in turn can increase the risk of tooth loss over time. Smoking also increases the presence of plaque and bacteria along your gum line and on your teeth. It can also cause cancer too, so there is really no reason not to kick the habit. It is also the bane of dentistry as a whole.

Your smile is something that is instantly noticeable about you. Unfortunately, if you have trouble with your teeth, due to poor oral health or other conditions, it can be the feature you most try to hide from others. This shouldn’t be the case. Thankfully, even if you are facing some dental damage or long-term problems, there are treatment options to restore the look of your smile, such an implant or denture (dentures). Of course, the easiest way to keep your smile looking its best is through preventative oral care and by following the five tips listed above. Contact us at Santa Rosa Dental to schedule your consultation today at little to no cost to you. We are ready to help you discover your hidden smile and give your self-esteem the boost it deserves through a beauty of a healthy smile you will want to show off. Let us help you discover your smile once again and give you the relief you need for dental pain. Contact us today @ 707-578-7701 to learn more



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