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Home Care Instructions For Permanent Dental Crowns

Home Care Instructions for Permanent Dental Crowns


If you were given anesthesia during your procedure, don’t chew anything until normal feeling has returned to your mouth.

Following the procedure:

  • Don’t chew for the first hour.

  • Don’t eat any hard or sticky foods for the first day.

  • Brush as you normally would, but floss carefully. Remove floss from the side of the tooth, rather than in an upward motion.

  • You may experience gum soreness for a few days, but contact the dental office if this soreness persists or gets worse.

  • Cold sensitivity is normal and is the result of the nerve reacting to the procedure. Use a sensitivity protection toothpaste if necessary until the problem subsides.


After your initial recovery:

  • Brush and floss normally.

  • Avoid chewing ice and other hard objects.

  • If you notice any cold sensitivity, use a desensitizing toothpaste. If your sensitivity continues for more than a week or seems to be getting worse, please call Santa Rosa Dental.

  • If your bite feels abnormal or if you have any other concerns, please contact the office to have your crown adjusted.

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