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Prevent, Restore, Renew


At Santa Rosa Dental, our first goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable during their visits with us. Our second goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life! With the experience and expertise of our friendly team, you will feel just like family with visits to our dental office.

About The Practice

Mission Statement

The team at Santa Rosa Dental takes pride in working together in a fun and exciting atmosphere where we show appreciation and support for one another. We are committed to the highest standard of care for every patient, every time. We are passionate about furthering our continued education to best accommodate our patients by utilizing the most up to date innovative technology. We provide an environment where our patients are treated as family because we want them to have a quality of life they deserve.

The Vision: Contribution, Love, and Growth

We will care for as many people as possible and make their lives better by providing better dental care than they have ever had. We will provide our highest level of care to more and more people, so the world will be a better place by making people healthier, more confident, live longer, endure less pain, and be HAPPIER.

We will give back to the communities we serve. (Contribution)

We will create RELATIONSHIPS with our team and patients that are so strong, they would be insane to sever the relationship. We will create predictable magical moments for those around us. We will create RAVING FANS in the team and patients. (Love)

We will create a LASTING LEGACY. We will build a company that is bulletproof from future changes in insurance, healthcare, external economic conditions, etc. We will create a brand for dentistry that will last beyond my years. (Growth)

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Santa Rosa Dentist Now Offers Virtually PAIN-FREE Dentistry With Solea Laser


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No Loud Noises

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No Soreness

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No Drills

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No Needles


Financing Avaiable


Care You Deserve

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