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At Santa Rosa Dental, our first goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable during their visits with us. Our second goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life! With the experience and expertise of our friendly team, you will feel just like family with visits to our dental office.

Our Dental Technology

Every modern dental practice relies on dental technology, and Santa Rosa Dental is no exception. Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice consistently invest a great deal of time and resources to implement advanced technology that helps them provide even better dental care. Santa Rosa Dental employs technology to provide superior diagnoses of oral conditions, examine different treatment options, and provide longer-lasting and more aesthetic dental treatment. Dr. Michael Rice also uses this dental technology to thoroughly explain your condition and ensure you understand your treatment options.

That said, technology is never the focus of our Santa Rosa dental practice. You are. When evaluating new technology, Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice always ask one question: will this benefit our patients? While the dental technology at Santa Rosa Dental significantly elevates our quality of care, our priority remains to maintain and improve your smile.

CEREC Same Day Dentistry Santa Rosa

CEREC CAD/CAM technology enables Santa Rosa Dentist Dr. Michael Rice to create durable, customized, natural-looking ceramic restorations in the dental office, usually within a single appointment. No temporary dental crown or second dental visit is required, and these beautiful dental restorations will perfectly match the neighboring teeth. The CEREC dental crown will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth, thanks to Santa Rosa Dental’s technology.

Digital X-rays Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice offer digital X-rays, a remarkable innovation in dental safety that allows dentists to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to by up to 90 percent compared to traditional dental x-rays. To take digital X-rays, our trained Santa Rosa Dental staff will place a very small, postage stamp-sized sensor in your mouth. As soon as the x-ray is taken, a sharp image appears on our computer screen. You will be able to instantly view your own x-rays, and Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice will use that digital image to thoroughly explain your oral health.

Intraoral Camera Santa Rosa

Our intraoral camera is an excellent diagnostic and educational tool. Given the small space and difficult angles, dentists can’t see every corner of your mouth– and you can barely see any of it! With an intraoral camera, Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice check all sides of each tooth for decay, fractures, and other problems. They take images of all areas of concern, then take the time to review these images with you to explain your oral health and any possible treatment options.

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam computed tomography, or cone beam CT as it is commonly called, is a specialized form of x-ray that provides clarity when ordinary equipment proves ineffective. Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice has brought in this enhanced x-ray equipment in an effort to deliver the best possible service and patient outcomes. The cone beam CT produces 3-D images of your teeth as well as surrounding tissue, nerves, and bones. All of these distinct aspects of your dental hygiene are brought together into a single image.

Unlike older types of x-ray machinery, the cone beam CT is conveniently positioned around your mouth and face while you relax in the dental chair. It removes the inconvenience of wearing lead-lined vests and standing in front of awkward panels. The results include improved outcomes, less expensive dentist visits, and a more relaxed experience.


The methods used to make an initial dental diagnosis previously relied on visual inspection, exploratory detection, and radiology. While those protocols remain important, technological advancements in the field of dentistry are delivering essential alternatives. Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Michael Rice has invested in innovative CariVu equipment that allows him to see deep into a tooth. The CariVu method utilizes transillumination technology that looks all the way through a tooth and delivers essential patient benefits.

CariVu does not use ion radiation that many people find disconcerting. It enhances diagnostic certainty for improved patient outcomes. And the images are easy to review, allowing patients to understand their dental needs better. At the end of the day, CariVu is yet another way that we continue to provide the best care possible for our valued patients.

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