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After Dental Implants

After Dental Implants


Dental Implants are one of the most advanced restorations in dentistry. Caring for them properly during every phase of the restoration process is essential to ensure the best results.

Home Care Instructions:


After Dr. Michael Rice has placed your dental implant, you will return home to recover. Be sure to follow all the directions you were given, and please call our office right away if you experience anything unexpected. As soon as Dr. Rice clears you, the final restoration process will begin. In most cases, this will take place somewhere between three and six months after the placement of your dental implant. During this time, you may be wearing a temporary prosthesis. Call Santa Rosa Dental if you experience any trouble with this device.

Fixed Implant Restorations


If your implant restoration includes a bridge with multiple teeth or a single crown that isn’t removable, you have a fixed implant restoration. This means that your restoration has been attached to an abutment with cement. The abutment has been attached to the implant with a screw.

Your doctor took great care to tighten this screw so it won’t come loose. However, in rare cases, these screws can become loose. If you feel any movement in your restoration, please call the office, as this may indicate that the screw is loosening. When screws are loose, fractures are more likely, and removal becomes more difficult.

Following the final restoration, all patients should return to the office for regular dental checkups. Be sure to brush and floss normally in order to maintain the gum tissue around the implant. If you notice inflammation or light bleeding, rinse the area with warm salt water at least three times daily. If the symptoms haven’t gone away within four days, please call the office.

If you notice any excess swelling or bleeding around your implants, report these issues immediately. To avoid damaging your implants, never use metal picks or toothpicks in that part of your mouth. If you need additional cleaning in the area of your implant, we have implant-safe instruments that can be used.

Treat the crowns attached to your implants the same way you would treat a normal crown. Don’t chew ice, as it could damage the porcelain. Try not to tear items with your teeth, and avoid eating very hard foods.

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